The 2016 presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders, the junior United States Senator and former Representative from Vermont, began with a formal announcement by Sanders on May 26, 2015, in Burlington, Vermont, which followed an informal announcement on April 30. Sanders had been considered a potential candidate for President of the United States since at least September 2014. Although Sanders is an independent, he caucuses with the Democratic Party in the Senate, as many of his views align with those of Democrats, and he is running for the Democratic nomination. As lead designer, I am in charge of brand development for the look and aesthetic of the Bernie 2016 presidential campaign including logos, typefaces, colors, illustrations, best practices, etc. All of this is governed and managed by the Bernie 2016 Style Guide created and updated by myself. This includes print materials such as the items on the Bernie 2016 store website (drinkware, apparel, stickers, signage), placards, editorial ads, pamphlets, banners, podium signs, backdrops, campaign bus wraps, etc. This includes web materials like Facebook and Twitter shareables and advertisements that are regularly seen by millions of people. I also manage Bernie 2016 designers and volunteers. * * * This part of the website is currently under construction. * * *

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